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See the Difference a Xenon Conversion Could Make for you!

Xenon light

Price P&P
£200-£400* N/A**

* price varies depending on vehicle make and model

** not available, supply and fit only.

Xenon Headlight Conversions

Xenon light has many advantages over conventional lighting methods.

More than twice the amount of light compared to a halogen bulb while consuming half the power.

And more light means more safety and security on our roads.

The clear white light enables drivers to concentrate better.

Reflects the road markings and signs better.

The life span of a Xenon bulb lasts up to five times longer than a halogen bulb, and should therefore not need to be replaced for the life of the car.

Due to its lower power consumption, Xenon bulbs contribute to saving energy and are thus more environmentally friendly than halogen bulbs.

Light output from a gas-discharge lamp of this type does not vary regardless of other demands on the car's electrical system, and unlike the halogen bulb is not affected by corroded contacts. This is because the xenon lamp has its own power control system.

Despite its high performance the xenon lamp consumes about 40 percent less electric current and dissipates correspondingly less heat.

Xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) conversion kits can be fitted to virtually any car and we offer them installed at a very reasonable cost.



Led driving lights from AutomotionUK

LED driving lights are the wave of the future. Imagine a headlight bulb that would never burn out. LED driving lights can be seen in todays exotic cars such as the Audi R8/S4 and BMW M6. The advantage of using LED lights for your headlights, turn signals or tail lights comes very simple. They consume low power, have low heat, are small and compact in size, last much longer than normal bulbs, can turn on/off within milliseconds, and can be more brighter for certain applications. This proves that LED driving lights are the future in automotive, motorcycle and vehicle lighting needs. Current vehicles such as the Audi S4/R8 and BMW M6 series use LED front blinkers and daytime running lights.

Price P&P
£150.00 + VAT N/A Supply and fit only


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