Tyresure tyre pressure and temperature monitor

Tyresure tyre pressure monitor

TYRESURE Tyre pressure monitor

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TyreSure - Tyre Pressure and temperature Monitoring System

The Tyresure tyre pressure monitor is a must for all drivers for whom safety is paramount. The system uses four wireless transmitters, one in each wheel, which transmit the tyres pressure to a central display unit mounted within the cabin so that the driver can ensure the tyres are correctly inflated at all times.

The display shows not only the current pressure of the tyre, but also the temperature of the tyre which is another indication of tyre condition.

The status of all four wheels is clearly shown on the screen simultaneously at all times. If the tyre pressure or the tyres temperature should exceed the user defined threshold, then this is alerted audibly, and the numbers on the screen are displayed in red so the driver can take immediate action.

For safety, drivers should check their tyre pressure before each journey, but as we all know time restraints are such that this just isn't possible. In fact for most drivers even weekly tyre checks are probably more regular than they manage. Correct tyre pressures are vital for safe driving as incorrect pressures can adversely affect the vehicles handling, braking and stability. But even if the vehicles tyre pressures are only slightly out, this can also affect the cars fuel consumption and wear on the tyre itself.

In the USA it is required by law that all new vehicles from 2007 on are fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system, and many new vehicles in Europe are also coming with these systems from the factory. This is a clear indication of the important safety role that a TPMS plays in modern motoring. The Tyresure system lets any vehicle, regardless of age, be fitted with this latest technology safety device.

Fitting is simple and just involves replacing the old valves with the new Tyresure valves which have built in pressure monitors. There are no wires or leads as each sensor transmits directly to the display unit which can be mounted anywhere within the vehicle and can simply affix to the dash board with the Velcro sticker.

The Tyresure tyre pressure monitor was recently the winner of a vote for best clever car gadget on Channels 5's The Gadget Show!



* System operates 24hr - 365 days - 7 year battery life
* No need to check tyre pressures
* System alerts driver within 3 seconds of abnormal pressure or temperature
* Better fuel consumption ... saves money
* Normal tyre wear ... saves money
* No low pressure tyre failure ... saves lives


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